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LMN Jewelry Designs

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design and had a career as an interior designer.  She put work on hold to raise her three children.  During this time she started making jewelry as a hobby and this quickly turned into an obsession.  A mutual friend introduced her to fellow jewelry fanatic, Nicole Zeman, and in 2006 LMN Jewelry Designs was born.  The next few years were an intense period of work and study.  Lisa studied basic and intermediate metalsmithing and bezel setting with Noel Yovovich and Joe Silvera.  Additionally, she learned basic to advanced PMC fabrication with Sherry Viktora, Linda Kline, and Irina Meich.  She continues to explore new ideas and develop greater proficiency in jewelry making techniques.

Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Carroll College.  She continued part time nursing work while raising her three children.  She turned to making jewelry as a relaxing hobby, and quickly became fascinated by all things metal.  She also studied basic and intermediate metalsmithing and bezel setting with Noel Yovovich.  Nicole studied intermediate wire weaving with Lisa Niven Kelly and Lisa Claxton, as well as Viking knit with Tracey Stanley.  This summer, she studied etching with Kay Rashda as a way to incorporate original texture into her metalwork.

This year is marked by a greater collaboration in our work.  We’ve found that each piece is more visually exciting when we combine our talents.  Our line of jewelry developed specifically for Bumbley incorporates Lisa’s hand crafted pure silver clasp or pendant base, and Nicole’s wire wrapping gemstone combinations.

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